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Monthly Archives: August 2017

How to Win Customers with Free Stuff

If you have not figured it out already, people love free stuff. So as a business who wants to lure people in, there is no better way to do it them through giving away free stuff. According to an article, when companies give away stuff for free it might appear like they are losing money when in fact, they are potentially winning customers. The idea is, get the product into the hands of people, who have the potential to become lifelong customers. Besides being happy that they got something for nothing, here are a few additional factors that happen to people who get something for free: they feel obligate to buy more (get hooked with sample and come back for more), they do wind up paying for it later (when you get something for free after you buy something else), they think that getting more is a discount (such as 33 percent more than other brands), they buy more when there is some mystery to it (when they buy perfume they get a free bag), and they will talk more when they get free stuff (you can’t beat word of mouth marketing). So how can you cleverly give stuff away to get customers? Some of the ways you can give things away in the pursuit of customers include: money, games of chance, positive reflection, spicy choices, boost the volume, sweet attraction, rack em-up, getting in the game, and passing it on.

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